1*  What countries do we ship to?

The products are shipped worldwide. Typically, the shipping cost will be calculated automatically. However, if it is unavailable for your country, and you would like to find out about the shipping cost, please contact us by email: info@maxtondesignireland.ie Please allow three working days. That’s usually, how long the transport companies take to reply.



2*  How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We usually process our orders between, two to five working days for the products that are in stock. In case that part is out of stock, lead time could be extended. If you not sure about the current stock level please contact us at: info@maxtondesignireland.ie to confirm availability.



3*   What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is almost always calculated at the checkout just before the payment is made. The cost varies on the number of parts ordered, what type of product it is, and also the country it’s being shipped to.  If it is unavailable for your country, and you would like to find out about the shipping cost, please contact us by email: info@maxtondesignireland.ie.  Please allow three working days for a response, as that’s usually how long the transport companies take to reply.



4*   What happens if there is a delivery MISHAP to my order?

Maxton Design Ireland will take such circumstances alarmingly serious. It will be investigated thoroughly. Any order that falls below the standard should be:

  1. In the event a damaged item is received, please take photo proof and email the photos of the item(s) -including any box damage- and your order number to us at info@maxtondesignireland.ie. This for us to investigate and review before a decision is made to re-send the item to you at no cost, subject to availability.
  2. In the event of lost parcel, please contact us at info@maxtondesignireland.ie. so we can investigate with our courier the status of your package.



5*  How can I track my order?

When the ordered parts are dispatched. We will send you a tracking number, with the link to the relevant courier. Please allow 24 hours to track your shipment.



6*  Does the item fit the car model I have?

Please read carefully the product description. This includes information that the part is dedicated to a specific car model. Please compare the image of the car in the listing with your own car, to ensure it is the same. If you are unsure, contact our design department: info@maxtondesignireland.ie.




7*  What is a stripe?

A stripe is an extra add on, that can be added at the edge of the product. Stripe is for a self-assembly only. It comes in four different colours (red, orange, yellow and white).



8*  Do we provide installation?

We recommend to use a professional garage for installation. As, Maxton Design Ireland will currently only supply the parts.

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